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by MysrilankaTravel

To whom it may concern

In April 2016 we made a family vacation of 3 weeks (the parents of two children aged 5.5 and a grannie). This was our first time in Sri Lanka so we decided to take a local guide.

The travel company we chose was Mysrilankatravel belong to Mr Gama.

Mr Gama was our contact person all along the way. Our correspondents with him were replied immediately and in a very high level of service.

During planning the vacation, we changed hotels, places to visit, we considered various factures reflects on our plan. All arrangements and modifications was handling effectively and in a very good spirit.

As we came close to the date of the trip, Mr. Gamma brought to our attention that he’ll not be our tour guide. We had a lot of concerns… At first we were disappointed because Gamma was our main contact person and we already had a long distant relationship with him 🙂 However, we did not see much choice and we hoped for the best …

And the best literally arrived…

The moment we meat Dinesh Kumar, our guide, he the Welcome hall at the Air Port, we knew that everything is on a very good hands. Dinesh made sure our vacation will be flawless and worthwhile. He took care of all the pre arrangements when check in the hotels and places to visit, advised us constantly and give us enormous information of Sri Lanka history and for all sorts of different places we’ve been simply amazing.

He get bond with our kids and kids really loved him.

If we had the opportunity to do this trip all over again, we would not change a bit and we would choose our vacation with the company Mysrilankatravel and what is most important is our best guide ever –  Dinesh Kumar.

Please feel free to contact us directly if you have more questions

Have a great Vacation!

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