Ka Ying Chan

by MysrilankaTravel

Sugath is a very friendly, knowledgeable and responsible tour guide. And the most appreciable thing is he is very honest, humble and thoughtful buddy so we could feel very comfortable to rely on his recommendations in the full trip.

The Sri Lanka trip was our honeymoon trip after our busy wedding and hence we were looking for a trip in which we could be worry-free and fully relaxed. We enjoyed the trip in Sri Lanka very much in particular the whale watching, safari experience, herbal farm, botanical garden, traditional spa and all those sea side resorts! And the person that organized the whole trip for us with the best value-for-money experience was Sugath. He listened to our preference and gave recommendations to our routes from time to time. We enjoyed the local food he recommended very much too.

As an experienced tour guide born in Sri Lanka, Sugath shared with us a lot of meaningful history and interesting stories about Sri Lanka during the trip. We felt more engaged in the trip after knowing more about the history, culture, language, political and economic situation of the country. He also invited us to his home to have a wonderful dinner with his family. We felt Sugath like a friend and certainly a professional tour guide we would certainly recommend to anyone who would like to visit Sri Lanka

Ka Ying Chan

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