Alaudin Remtulla

by MysrilankaTravel

Dear Sugath

Was nice to hear from you .Our trip organized by you & “piloted” by Bhuddhika was extremely memorable. The photos that we took of nature & archaelogical sites at places that Bhuddhika took us to are extremely beautiful and we remember him often for that, as well as for the care & attention he gave us, and for accommodating us with the itinerary change when I was sick for a brief period part way into our trip. While we regret for not being able to meet you before departing from Sri Lanka due to time constraint on our part, we sincerely want to thank you for planning our trip so well & for the parting gift that you gave us. We would definitely like to visit Sri Lanka again to see sections of your country that we have not seen & to thank you personally for dealing with us honestly and for enquiring about our welfare throughout the tour by phone. We also want to thank Bhuddhika once again for allowing us to use his phone to keep us in touch with our family in Canada which was a nice gesture on his part & yours for sanctioning it and of course not forgetting the ample supply of water , fruit & juices throughout the tour.

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