How our journey begun.

We simple wrote to Gamini what we would like to see (we spend in Lanka 10 days in the end of September) and he send us a round trip schedule with total amount (including hotels and driver). Our driver Yaseer was a great guide and driver and we dont have any complain at all. Our wehicle was a van,ofcourse with AC, so we had a huge space what was very comfortable cause you spend a lot of time on roads (the roads in Lanka are very bumpy and not in a good shape and they doing a lot of construction on the roads). The accomodation was various but solid and nice (in adam’s peek you have to count with very low quality accomodation). Very nice was that Mr. Gamini invited us to his home for a lunch with his family. We can just recomended to travel with Mr. Gamini and his crew cause you dont feel like ordinary travelers.

Thank you again for a great vacation. Tereza & Mila, Prague, Czech Republic.

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