Kata, Hungary

by MysrilankaTravel

Dear Mr. Gamini, we have no words to thank you and your team, specially Sithu, our guide, for this memorable holidays in

I was lucky to have Gama as driver and also gude for the first five days of my stay in Sri Lanka. I was impressed what a good and calm driver he is…once you get to Sri Lanka, you will see that this is crucial. He knows the best places to stay at, all clean and nice hotels, even if not 5 star. I say rely on him. Especially in Kandy. He knows the best hotel there.

As a single traveler I had the chance to talk about almost anything with Gama and I must add that his personal view, experience he shared with me is one of, if not the most valuable part of my tour.

I recommend Gama and his team if you wnt more than just a guidebook read out loud. It is important also to be open and let Gama get to know you and see what would suit your personality best.

Traveling with a guide is a kind of teamwork. It takes the traveler and the guide to dance that tango perfectly.

Kata, Hungary

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