Helle and Henning

by MysrilankaTravel

We want to use this opportunity to thank My Sri Lanka Travel and most of all our driver and friend Vignesh for 4 wonderful weeks in Sri Lanka in Jan/Feb this year.

We are a retired couple from Norway.
Having travelled many times in India and also in other parts of Asia we were very satisfied with this trip compared with others! Usually we do most of the planning ourselves but when we started to exchange mails with Gama it turned out that he had a lot to offer and suggest. By the end he booked most of our hotels and provided us with car and driver, all of high quality.

We will never forget the time we spent with Vignesh our driver. He is such a good man and a wonderful companion. He also served as a guide and would stop at places to show us either an unfamiliar fruit, a nice view or he would serve as a photographer when needed. We stopped at many places just to look at birds or to see how local farmers worked in the fields. Our top experience was when he invited us to his family house were he and his wife cooked us a very tasty dinner.

We also visited quite a few national parks,but Yala was a disappointment. Far too many cars compared to other places we have seen. Standing in line for a long time to watch a leopard (which left), felt like waist of time! All this even when our guide and driver in the park really worked very hard to make our three safaries worth while!!

Vignesh would join us at most of the cultural sights and provide us with lots of information. We also made the 5831 steps to Adams Peak. It was very crowded (even in the middle of the night) – so it is probably smart to avoid week- ends!

We were impressed by how the company handled the few changes we made along the route. For different reasons we decided to change hotel or stay for shorter periodes in certain places. Vignesh made some calls to the office and they would find us very good accomodation at the new places we suggested.

Payment for the trip was never a problem. We had trouble making some bank transfer from Norway so we payed 50% when we arrived and the rest later when we met Gama.

So thank you Gama and thank you Vignesh for our unforgettable stay in your beautiful country.

Best regards from Helle and Henning

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