I have visited so many countries in my life, but never thought about sharing my experience on the net. The reason I still do it now is that our latest destination was Sri Lanka, more precisely Galle where we met someone who made our holiday even more memorable. I would like to say thanks here for Gamini Sugath, our guide in Sri Lanka. I am sure whoever drives us from one place to another we enjoy the country and the sights, but I am pretty sure with Gamini we enjoyed a lot more. From the first day we felt like he is rather our 5th fellow passenger than our guide. He did not just take us wherever we wanted to go but suggested so many good places to visit and things to try out for which we thought we would have no time (but he proved we had). And he did it in a gentle way. As a real professional guide he always felt what is the time to leave us alone and what is the time for a chat or for some narration about the place where we are. My friend (I hope he will not refuse this title) was with us only for four days but we will never forget those days and Gaminis never-ending smile. Have a nice trip to all of you!

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