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Rules of cookie consent on

We use cookies on our website to improve the smooth operation and the user experience.

The site (like other websites) keeps collecting data on cookies and other tools through its visitors. By using our website you agree that the site uses cookies in accordance with this policy.

  1. What is the cookie?

Cookies or cookies are small data files that your browser places on the user’s computer or device. They collect information about visitors’ habits and generally make it easier for users to use the site. Cookies do not collect data stored on your computer or in your files.

Cookies can be “permanent” or “temporary” cookies. Permanent cookies are stored by the browser for a specific time, provided that the user does not delete it, but the temporary cookies are not stored by the browser and are automatically deleted by the browser.

  1. Why are cookies important on the Internet?

Cookies are a central part of the effective functioning of the Internet as they help the user to navigate through the needs and interests they know. Restricting or blocking cookies makes it impossible to use certain websites.

Limiting or prohibiting cookies does not mean that you no longer receive online advertising; all you have to do is make sure that your ads do not take into account your browsing habits, so they do not match your needs and interests.

Some examples of using cookies (which do not need to identify a user using a user interface):

  • Display content, services and products tailored to the user’s needs.
  • Offers tailored to the user’s interest.
  • Remembering passwords.
  • Note child protection filters for Internet content (family mode options, safe search features).
  • Restricting the frequency of advertisements; that is, a quantitative restriction on the advertising of an advertisement to a web site given to a user.
  • Display relevant ads for users.
  • Measurement and Optimization of Analytical Characteristics. Measurement of a website’s traffic, examining downloaded content, and determining where the user came from the web site (eg through a search engine, directly from another web site, etc.). Websites are doing these survey analyzes to make the page as good as possible for users.
  1. Do cookies contain personal information?

For most cookies, no personal data is required. Accordingly, in the vast majority of cases, the cookie does not identify the user. Personal data collected during the use of cookies can only be used for the purpose of facilitating the use of certain features for the user. These data are stored in such a way that unauthorized persons can not access them.

  1. What kind of cookies and for what purpose are we using the website?

4.1. Standing or temporary cookies

Our web site It uses “session / session cookies” and “permanent cookies”. Temporary cookies will remain on your computer until you leave the web site. Permanent cookies will remain on your device for a long time (depending on the browser setting) or until you manually delete them.

4.2. Session is cookies

Temporary cookies are automatically deleted from your computer during the current visit, end of session, and browser closure. They are indispensable for navigating the website and for working on the web site. In any case, session cookies will not collect any information that you can identify with.

4.3. Cookies for performance (analytics)

With Google Analytics cookies, we collect information about our visitor’s behavior and features. This will help us to make the website more transparent and easier to use later. These cookies can not personally identify you, for example, we do not record your name and email address; the data is cumulative and anonymously stored. The IP address is only partly recorded.

Further information:

When visiting certain landing pages, third party cookies (such as Google AdWords Conversion Tracking) can be placed on the user’s device. They ensure the success of our campaigns. Information that allows identification is not stored at this oven either.

4.4. Targeting or advertising cookies

Collect information about what topics and content you may be interested in. These cookies help you measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and help you see relevant ads that are relevant to you later. Targeting and advertising cookies can not identify you, do not collect the personal information needed to identify them.

4.5. The so-called ” functional cookies

With them, we can remind you of our decisions on the website (eg data provided in forms, etc.). These cookies will track your activity only on the site you visit, not on other websites. These cookies can store personal identification information that you have entered on our web site, such as your name, e-mail address, phone number, etc.

4.6. Third party cookies

We may use third-party external web services on our website. In this case we do not control the storage of cookies, we have no influence on the information that these external providers collect.

  1. Checking, managing, and disabling cookies

5.1. Set up a browser

In your browser, you can change and manage your cookie settings. For most browsers, default is to automatically accept cookies, which you can later change.

Here are the links below to help you set up cookies:

Although you may also prohibit or restrict cookies, please proceed considerably on this, as it is essential to use our cookies for trouble-free operation of our website, so prohibiting them may affect the functionality of the website and the functionality of certain features.

5.2. Turn off anonymous Google Analytics cookies

To prevent Google Analytics cookies from collecting information about you, you need to install an add-on (Google Analytics plug-in) in your browser.

For more information, please see the links below:

Cookies can also be disabled in Google’s Google Advertising Blocks page: http: //

Google information stored on a user’s machine can be managed on the following page: https: //

Go to Google Privacy and Security “at:

  1. Social media buttons

Our web site It also uses “social media buttons” that allow our visitors to share or bookmark a page. These links point to independent community media that can gather information about your browsing activity on the Internet, including on this Web site. To learn more about how these websites use your information or to disable or delete such information, please read the terms of use and privacy policies of the sites concerned.

How can I cancel my contribution?

The validity of the consent will expire at times. However, if you would like to cancel your consent, you can do your browser’s cookie settings at any time.

  1. Learn more about cookies

For more information on cookies, visit the following websites:

Google Analytics Cookies:


This Cookie Policy is an integral part of our Privacy Policy.